Discipline Vs Motivation: What Is The Best

Discipline Vs Motivation   Self-discipline and motivation are important concepts in the performance of tasks, but their importance varies between the most important, is motivation or discipline? We will clarify these things and explain each concept of them separately and show the best and most useful among them. In this article, we will talk about the topic of discipline vs […]

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How To Calm Yourself Down When Angry

How To Calm Yourself Down When Angry Life is full of vicissitudes, difficulties, concerns, and external influences that try to push you by nature as a person to get angry and feel anxious, but the latter may change the fate of your life at a certain moment, as it makes you make wrong and hasty decisions that may get back […]

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How To Deal With Anxiety At Work

How To Deal With Anxiety At Work   In this article, we will discuss how to deal with anxiety at work, and how to reduce it. Anxiety is a natural reaction to any problem we face in life in general, and the reaction can be simple and called temporary anxiety comes in far-flung situations, and can be excessive anxiety and […]

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