How To Be Happy In Your Life

You deserve to be happy no matter you as long as you are a human being, but you may be living in grief and suffering, because you are absent from you some simple information and rules that you live a happy life no matter what you are, and the first of this information is who convinced you that life is miserable, did not take time to think about Whoever sold you this wrong information that made you think that the natural thing is that you are in trouble and that happiness is very rare, so here we will touch on some simple things that make you happy.



But before that, what is the definition of happiness you have? The people of your happiness are bound by things, as you only feel happiness when you take the money or marry or graduate or when you achieve your goals, I know that most people see this as happiness even if I call the opposite.




But here we have to make clear something that might make you reconsider all of this, is this that happiness is fun? What is the difference between happiness and pleasure if they are different?



If you bring your diary and write what you see important because the above questions have exploded, we have a bomb we must dismantle before it explodes.



• Is happiness the pleasure, and if it is the opposite, what is the difference between happiness and pleasure?

Many people think that happiness is a pleasure and that their lack of knowledge is the clear difference between each of them, making them see pleasure as happiness and happiness as pleasure.



The difference between happiness and pleasure is explained by this sentence: There is no way to happiness but rather happiness is the way, meaning that happiness is not related to anything material because it is an end in itself, and as for pleasure it is related to things, here is an example that will explain you better: Let’s say that you want to prepare your favorite meal, as you prepare for the meal you feel happy, but during eating it you are here and am not happy and this is the difference between them, for this you know if what is dangerous here, is that if you make your goal in life that you are happy then the whole life may pass Without tasting happiness !!
You might say how? Most people, when you ask them, say that we seek happiness !! Or I hope to be happy !!



Do you know why they say that? Because they are programmed with it, from a variety of means that connect you with happiness with things, so here you think it is impossible to be happy unless you achieve the materialistic things, thereby devoting your entire life running behind goals to make you feel happy, while happiness exists around you, but it is very difficult for you to see it You have a legendary belief, that this is similar to the one who wore a black freshness, and says that everything is black because he defends strongly against this point of view, and of course here he says honesty, but from the wrong point of view.




That is why she has to take away the black glasses to enjoy the wonderful color of nature, so she does not believe or deny any information until she sees it from all different angles, and I know that people differ in their outlook, so do not argue with them and do not try to convince them.





So happiness is impossible to become a goal, happiness is a feeling state that you feel when you are doing different things, for this happiness you do not need to wait for an external thing or a specific circumstance to feel it.
And I know from all this because if you link happiness to something external to materialism, that this is not happiness, it can be a joyful joy or something else.

* If you have to enjoy your journey in this life and remember that happiness is not a path, but happiness is the way.



How can you be happy?



There was a young man like you who wanted to have an answer to this ancient question, where he wanted to know: What is the secret of happiness? He began to ask anyone who found him in front of him, and in the end, he heard a Chinese sage indicating the key to happiness, so he boarded the first plane heading to China to reach him, and there a humble lady greeted him in a simple house asking him to wait for a little, but the person began to be impatient when the waiter approached more than three hours when The Chinese sage arrived with a majestic face, sat down to him and did not apologize for being late. He addressed him. Do you want to drink tea?




The young man said, wondering: What do you say?




The Chinese sage repeated the same sentence: Do you want a cup of tea?

The person had internal anger because he was left for three stings and when he came he did not apologize, so when he asked him again, do you want a cup of tea? He angrily said: Yes, I want to drink tea. After a while, the maid entered the tea tray, and the sage began to pour a cup of tea for the young man, and he continued to fill the mug until he overflow, and he continued to pour in front of the person’s surprise until he spilled on the table and began to reach the floor of the room. Then the young man himself could not hold back and said: What happened to you, O wise, do you not see where the tea is flowing.





The wise person calmly answered: Finally, for a moment, congratulations, if the interview ends.
The young man shouted: I traveled thousands of kilometers to wait for long hours to offer me a cup of tea, then for tea to flow into the room. She tells me now that the interview is over, what is this? You must be kidding!!
The sage calmly replied to him and said: Listen, son, come back to me when your cup is empty.




So the young man asked him: What do you mean?
The wise person turned back to him and said to him: When the cup is full of tea, we cannot clean anything else, and so when you were angry, your cup was full of the last and you went on an occasion with your excessive anger and your inability to control your feelings and you became here at the mercy of events and feelings, and then connected him To the door and he said to him: If you want my son to live happily, “control your feelings and learn to keep your cup empty.”





A person who makes his cup empty in the sense that he is freed from all things and does not allow feelings or circumstances and people to control him, because he will inevitably lead a happy life.
And here is a story that stopped me, and I was at the same time for months, and it was like the one that I went out one day to spend some of my affairs and go back to the house.





Here my reaction was strange and obligatory as I exploded from laughing at the situation and considered it an opportunity to give me a better phone than God and I went home and I am happy knowing that my phone contains important things for me, and I was very happy after that because I was able to control my feelings and my reaction because I was training On that period.





That is why we are the ones who choose the decisions of our lives, therefore happiness is a decision, and you have the choice, do you like to be happy or otherwise? You decide whether to keep the cup full and stick to all the troubles and sorrows of the past that cause you misery or decide to empty the cup by liberating you from all these delusions.





Here, I must inform you about some important things that you should pay attention to, namely that life is a reflection of your feelings, that if you are in a state of happiness, the events in your entire life will be happiness and support happiness.





I want to ask you a question here. It may seem strange to you. Have you ever made decisions when you are in anger?
Well, are you satisfied with these decisions now?
Many people will not be satisfied with it, they have a feeling of remorse after that, there are said three things that can never be returned: the arrow and the word coming out of the mouth, the missed opportunity, and it will be difficult to bring it back as the difficulty of collecting spilled water from a vessel.





Therefore, this leads to problems that may be significant, because during your anger you will not be able to see clearly, just like water when it boils, we can not see in it the reflection of our image.




10 tips to help you be happy




1) Get used to thank God Almighty for all the blessings that you have




2) Create a positive environment and the owners of answers
The positivity is contagious and does not approach the negative ones as much as possible. Einstein says that positive people have a solution to every problem. As for the negative people, they have a problem for every solution. Warning the negative people because they see things in a complicated and difficult way and their outlook is narrow.





3) Determine where you are now, are you in a place of happiness, but you are drowned in unhappiness but do not be cruel to yourself, awareness is the first good sign that you have become conscious, and able to change the matter.




4) Make a conscious decision to be happy




5) Be satisfied with what you have now





6) – Do not live with reactions.




7) – Take care of yourself and appreciate the value of life.




8) – Never blame yourself where it is wrong.




9) – Accept your circumstances as they are now because refusal makes the matter worse.




10) – Enjoy the simple things available to you. Smile, just as children do.




11)- Be as positive as possible. Take care of your family and those who tried to exchange them positive feelings of love, affection, trust, kindness, charity…



12) – Enjoy doing the things you like, sport, eating your favorite, do whatever you love with passion.

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