What Is a Real Success In Life

What Is a Real Success In Life



Success is a word that we hear a lot and seek strongly behind, and this is a very beautiful thing, but when you reach a stage where you need to know real success in life.



Know that you are on the right path, the path of success, and the summit that has been waiting for you for a long time. When you know the meaning of real success in life, you will know how to take it. Because you simply will not reach something that you did not know and were not aware of, or that you have wrong information about it.



Every person knows success from his point of view, and we all do not have the same view of life, but our views differ on things, but the beautiful thing in us we human beings is that we love success and development and this is something in us because we hate the life that passes with the same routine and on one line where there are no successes or changes.



That is why we are here in this world for each one of us to make our success which determines it in the right place. Because every person must fill the space prepared for him.



In the sense that the worker who works with love and protects the inhabitants of the earth from pollution and cleans the alleys is successful in his big task, and the teacher as well as the farmer and employee who works with love to advance his country and be aware of that, and the great mother who also works on raising a whole generation of love and giving is one of the greatest successes on this planet.



Did you not hear the mother of Thomas Edison, who encouraged her son and was assigned the task of teaching himself after he was expelled from school on the pretext that he was late and not suitable for school because of his stupidity. But this great mother drove us out of her school unless the school that expelled him expelled him.



Here, everyone should ask themselves what is a real success for him? It is not the success your neighbor has done or the success your parents want. No, you just have to search for your void to fill it, that is, the success that you want it yourself.



You have to search for your success and pursue it with love, passion, desire without performing anyone who seeks freedom. And here we will help you to do that because you are with us.



Now that we all strive for a beautiful tomorrow full of love and unconditional giving, for this we must first analyze together the most important opinions that determine success to see the validity and the place of defect in it so that we try to come up with a definition of success that will make us all ignite enthusiasm for its achievement.



Three measures define success for most people



  1. Money and fame
  2. The measure of happiness
  3. The amount of achievement



We will now address each of them to discuss it



Money and Fame



Most of us strive to have money and fame. This is a good thing, and we have a right to do so. But if we use this criterion of success, we will oppress many great people who have benefited humanity. Because at this age, and especially now, the age of technology, fame is very easy.



Therefore, you may be trivial and successful, and this is what we see in the media today because those who seek scandals and banalities are the most famous and have followers online.


Is fame a measure of success?


Yes, because this standard will darken many of the great people behind the curtain, as mothers and workers. This standard is cruel to many of the great people who work in silence.



Happiness scale




This measurement says that whenever you get personal happiness you will have succeeded, that this scale may be correct. In the period that passed, a high auction was published on a paper that Einstein wrote in his handwriting and was sold for more than a million and a half dollars. This paper was written on two lines: A quiet and humble life brings greater happiness than the pursuit of success and the attendant permanent concern.



He who knows the life of this genius will realize this, as the life of the genius was at times troubled.
But this criterion is not a measure of complete success. Can we be considered only a person behind his desires?
Is this successful?



Amount of achievement



This scale is as follows the more your achievements and the greater the impact circle the more successful you are, it may seem to us at the beginning that this criterion is just for success but in reality, it is not.
But there is an important aspect here now that all people were not born in the same circumstances and the same capabilities.



Here we have to make clear an important thing, I do not say that those who have bad conditions are not accomplished, but quite the opposite. I mean that achieving achievement in good conditions may take three years, but it may take the same goal in bad conditions 10 years.



We are now discussing the three metrics and showing where the defect is. But the most important question is what is a success if all of this?




There is a measure of success that avoids us from all the flaws in the mentioned standards, as follows:



The amount of success is the amount of your pursuit: Yes, success is the extent of the amount of your consciously seeking renewed development and reform with what is available to you it says:



Mother Teresa: “The Lord does not ask us to succeed, but asks us to try.” Here, you need knowledge and learn what is required of you to successfully fill your void in this world and not be a burden to this constantly renewed universe.



This requires you to work, not with more effort, but with more intelligence. Because effort is not the goal, but smart work is the goal in its own right, Franklin says: “If you do what you did today, you will get what you got tomorrow.”



Success begins when you wake up tomorrow and do something different.



Now we will talk about different aspects of your life that you should consider succeeding in.



Healthy Life Success



Any accomplishment you have achieved, no matter how great, or any wealth you have achieved, no matter how much, all this has no value if it is not in good health to enjoy all this.



Your health must be among the priorities, you must allocate to your health all the things that make it strong, and you must know that any action that a person performs will benefit him physically, that any person who deals with negative things to his health such as smoking and taking drugs is not aware of the value His body, and how many people in hospitals wish that they had the same body that is destroyed in drugs.



Everyone respects and values ?? himself, it is impossible to address what affects his body.



Family Life Success


The family has a very big role in the success of any person, as the family is the first basis for success, the more the family is full of love and affection, the more you live in peace and attract everything beautiful.



“Love begins with caring for close people who are with us at home,” says Mother Teresa.
That is why we have to think about how we can spread more love and make it a positive environment.



Unfortunately, I want to tell you something important that we overlook sometimes and this thing is those things that seem simple to us, but they are very important in our relationships with our family.



These things are like greeting the morning with eating most meals with them, confessing to them love remembering their birthdays and giving them gifts, help them with home chores, wash dinner dishes, try this and you will be surprised by their reactions.



Remember simple things that make the big difference. I like what Stephen Covey said when he talked about the so-called emotions bank that it is an important thing and you should pay close attention to it, as follows:



Every member of our family has a balance with you, and so is this balance, like cash in the bank. Whenever you do well towards a certain person, you boost your balance with him, and so is when he does a beautiful act with you that increases his balance with you. This balance is taken from it at a time of distress.



That is why you have to think from now that you will invest in your relationships. Offer love, you will be loved. Support the people around you, and I warn you not to lose sight of the people around you because you may consider them an achievement, as we always seek abroad. In my book Confucius Ideas by Yue Dan, he says: In today’s world, thanks to email and SMS on mobile, we can permanently communicate with people within miles, but we make no effort to get to know our neighbors.



Yes, this is true, and in some cases, it may even lead to a lack of ability to recognize, love and know the people with whom we share the same house.
The way we deal with others has become more important than ever now in this age now that the world today is becoming a small village.



Success in Work



Success in work is important for our progress. It was the day when Muhammad Ali Clay was practicing in the training hall and there were journalists in the hall. There were two journalists. So one of the journalists asked Muhammad Ali saying:



How many exercises you do, answer him, saying: “I do not count until after I start feeling tired and painful.”



You need to know that whatever your work, you can excel in it if you have the desire and courage enough to start new energy, new vision, and new enthusiasm. Don’t underestimate your strength and ability, just with a decision you can do the impossible.



That is why we see one person doing great things and preparing the entire history of his country.
There is a very beautiful story that expresses all of what we have said about the ability of one person, about a young Japanese who they call him a national hero, yes he is the hero. Because it is the reason for technology to enter Japan, the government sent Emperor Mikado, a young man named Takeo Aohara, the expedition to Germany, specifically Hamburg, to study scientific mechanics.



The young man says: I came and my big dream was to get the heart of the Western industry, it is the engine. Takeo wanted to know how to make the engine. Japanese engine.



We know that no company or factory can provide you with the business secrets around which you spent a lot of money on experiments and research. They can’t provide them to you.



But Japan, how did you do this?



And I became in the first row among the great makers in the world, we will see how you did it, and this is thanks to this young man who has a strong desire and will, so you should not belittle yourself, because you can be such a young man who changed the history of Japan and wrote a new history in the field of industry.



Takeo says: After a while, I heard about an exhibition of Italian-made engines, and in my pocket my monthly savings and found there was a two-horse engine in which I pushed everything I had, and I took it with me to the house and I kept looking at it as if I could see a precious jewel, I took out my pens and papers and then began to unscrew this engine piece by piece and piece by piece I draw it and give it a number.



My goal was to be able to dismantle it, reinstall it, and operate it when it was installed, it worked and accomplished an important step.



Then he came with a broken engine, discovered the fault and fixed it, and then moved to the biggest task of making all the parts of the engine by himself. Metal and the secrets of this tough heavy industry.



His learning time has reached five years, and when the emperor heard his efforts, he sent him support and bought the necessary equipment for the engine industry, then returned them to Japan and built a factory to manufacture the engine he and his student, and he continued to work on it for nine years, and after all the effort he made nine authentic Japanese engines.



This story is very inspiring because it is a march of the struggle for an entire people for more than fourteen years.



You have to remember that success is a “continuation of skills”. Every skill doubles your chances of success, and this is important to you. Therefore, your pursuit of success and brilliance always requires developing your skills to be able to achieve what you aspire to. Many skills mean many opportunities.


Finally, we hope that you will benefit from this article “What is a real success in life”. Finally, we hope that you will not hold back your opinion on this matter because your opinion is important for us to develop from our contents

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