What is the Best Self-esteem Exercises

What is the Best Self-esteem Exercises



The world has spent billions of dollars and the efforts of huge companies, all of them seeking one thing is to bring your attention and programming to specific ideas, which will lose you your values and your self-esteem, they seek your strength to shade as they link your feelings and happiness with material things, for example: (This is the car of your dreams, This is your happy home …). All of this completely erases your essence as a human being that you are an end in yourself and value for it and makes you just a consumer of servants of material things and a servant of them. We will introduce you, dear reader, self-esteem exercises, which may be the first time you hear it, so be open-minded and bring your note to write down some valuable and new information.



Building self-esteem exercises



Here we must first get to know the things that show that you are disrespectful to yourself because knowing the disease is half healing, for this diagnosis, is important in all cases and learn this before you do anything.



1- Do you know that when you do not develop yourself, you are not respecting yourself: A person who respects himself is a person who always develops from himself, and you may say how do I know that I am constantly developing?



An important and beautiful question, the answer to it is very easy, look at yourself if you have the same information from the past year, then you are here in your place, but rather get worse because everyone around you has been renewed, but if your information is now different from the past year, last month, or last week.



This determines how quickly you develop, because there is a difference between who has renewed annually and what is renewed monthly, weekly or daily, so this person who can himself always strives to be the best version of himself.



2- Negative inner conversation with the soul: As agreed upon, a person talks a lot with himself whether he realizes it or not, and a person who suffers from a lack of self-respect makes this conversation negative and an opportunity to whip himself and reprimand him for the most trivial and simpler things, this is what makes your will conscientious Psychological stress.



Did you know that one negative and frustrating word can upset your life and make it an unbearable hell, and one word can make you frustrated over a whole month?



Here I want to ask you the following question: What if you were talking to yourself with this negative frustration, then what is the conversation that you are waiting for from the other then? And why do you get angry when someone talks about the negative and disrespectful talk, while you are not ashamed of yourself while you practice it in the depths of it?

Think about it well.


3- Do not harm yourself to make others happy: This sample of people who harm themselves in exchange for the happiness of others is very much, they do not have in their dictionary the word “no”, they are accessible to everyone but themselves, and this is the greatest injustice and a crime against the soul.
That is why respect your time and do not be tough on yourself for the sake of the other.



4- Trying to please all people: This thing is madness by itself, most people are not satisfied with themselves, and want to please others, it is confusing.



5- influencing criticism: A person who does not respect himself appears at the criticism, influencing him and making him the only criterion.




Now we have learned about some indicators that indicate a lack or lack of self-esteem, but now we will talk about some techniques that make you respectful of yourself.



1- Accept yourself as it is: There is no perfect person. Rather, we all have weaknesses and strengths, but the only difference between us is that there is a group of people who accept their faults and know this because they know that we, as human beings, have the weaknesses, that the acceptor of himself is the same With all his mistakes, his self-esteem rises.



If you accept yourself, you must first know yourself, to know yourself, you should evaluate them, by knowing your pros and cons, and here you must focus with me well because I will share with you a useful strategy in how to deal with yourself during the evaluation so that you do not fall into the trap of blaming her.




The strategy is: When you put your positives and negatives here, I want you to divide into two halves, meaning you are the owner of positive things and the other half you are the counselor, you define your positives and rejoice in them and determine your negatives and here you do not suffer or cry over them.



Here you have to hide the negative and show you the adviser who has the solutions, In this way, you deal with negatives courageously, and in a smart way to fix them.



Self-esteem exercises



Exercise is a session with the soul.
Before exercise, you should learn some information that will make your awareness of yourself higher and change your perception of yourself better than before, although it will help you to understand the exercise more.




The first thing you should know is that you are not yourself !!
Yes, you are not yourself, your body, or your name, your soul is only a king in the sense of at your disposal, just like your car where you own and control it.




If you do well to handle and monitor it constantly, it will do an excellent job with you, but if you neglect it it will tire you a lot, the important thing here is that you are aware of this because it is important for the exercise. As for this topic (you are not yourself), we will talk about it in the next articles and explain this well



Now focus on the next, and remember that anything that comes in its natural time is now you get this information because you deserve it, and ready to receive it.



Here, you should know that more than 95% of people in this world are fleeing self-confrontation !!!
You might say why?



Because they have wronged themselves a lot and neglected it, so it became difficult to meet her because they know that if they direct her, they will extract for them all the suffering that has been inflicted on her. Here you must know that the longer the period of escaping from her, the stronger the pain will be.



That is why, unfortunately, some people continue to evade this meeting until the last hour in this life, that is, until they are put on the death bed here, the meeting is inevitable.



Here you choose now to reconcile yourself and forgive her and start a new page with her so that your last moments will be more tolerant and loving, that you will still run away from them and in the end, there is no place you will face and here will not help you trust me, because it will pass you in these last moments the tape of your life Put it in front of you.



A session with oneself



Create a suitable place for this session where you and only yourself are, try to create the best foods that you love yourself, and wear clean clothes, and remember that you are just like a child, you love attention, love, and tolerance, so make this session a title that is tolerance and forgiveness.



You know why you should forgive yourself and forgive her, because, as I said, like a child.

This is why you must feel safe with you. If you hide it or blame it, it will never rest with you, and it will inevitably take revenge on you. Remember this important information.



When you sit with her, repeat the phrase tolerance and feel it, and take her in a very hot hug and bring the feelings of longing and love, here express your feelings, because when you reach the stage of feelings, here is the truth manifestation, if you feel the desire to cry: cry, if you feel the feelings of sadness sad if you feel happy And if you feel laughter laugh.



Do all of the above and tell us about your experience.



Know that we now live in a focal point in our history today, that all of our scientific and technological potentials must be matched by internal human developments, for this, you must know this miracle inside you and appreciate it and make it in the right place, for this we are here to share with you some information and self-esteem exercises




Finally, we hope that you will benefit from this topic (self-esteem exercises). We are also happy to be here on our site. Do not forget to leave us your opinion on this topic because your opinion is important for us to develop from our contents.

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