What Is The Laws Of Financial Success

What Is The Laws Of Financial Success


Every success, no matter how it has specific laws and methods, is because the universe is a series of laws. Therefore, the great ones who have achieved great fortunes in all ages have almost the same principles on the financial side. In this article, we will talk about the most important laws of financial success from people They achieved that.


First, we have to show: What is money, for us to have the same view to understanding the rest of the laws so as not to fall into misunderstanding.


if you applied all these laws of financial success. you will surprise by the results. I promise you.



What is money


Money is just papers and figures in the bank. We are the people who give it value. You must be aware of this well in order not to fall into the net of matter and forget the valuable core.

Someone may say how?



The answer is easy. I will not answer. Rather, he will be taken over by the wealthy man whom you must know. Why not. You may be reading this article through either his phone or his computer, where he said in his last moments before death. Wise words are written in gold.



Steve Jobs: To the top of business success… In the eyes of others, my life was a symbol of success, however, apart from work, I had little time for joy. Finally, in the end, my wealth is just a fact that I’m used to.



At this time, as I lay on my hospital bed remembering my long life, I realize that all the rewards and riches that I was so proud of have become insignificant and meaningless as imminent death approaches.



In this darkness, when I look at the green lights of the respirator and listen to her mechanical sounds, I feel death approaching me.



Now I only understand that after spending a lifetime trying to collect enough money for the rest of my life, we have enough time to achieve goals that are not just related to wealth.



Our goals should be more important, for example, love stories, art, and childhood dreams. Not to stop chasing a fortune that can make you a mere mortal person or a robot.



We are beings that can feel love. Lovelies in the heart of each one of us and our destiny should not be just running after the fantasies of fame or the money that I have destroyed for my life,



I cannot take them with me now.



I can only take with me memories that are nurtured by love.
This is the true wealth that will follow you. It will accompany you, and it will give you strength and light to move forward and forward.



Love can travel thousands of miles, so life becomes limitless.
Go to where you want to go.



Achieve the goals you want to achieve. Everything lies in your heart and hands.
What is the most expensive bed in the world?



It is a hospital bed. If you have money, you can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to carry your illness and pain for you.



Lost material objects can be found no matter how expensive they are. But there is one thing you can never find when you will lose it: It is “life.”



Whatever stage we live through, we will eventually have to face the day when the curtain falls.


Collect your treasure from the love of your family, from the love of your wife or your husband, from the love of your friends. Take good care of yourself and take care of your relatives. Be kind, generous, and compassionate with others, so you don’t know how much time you have left. ”


Be careful not to fall into the substance, as the great and ingenious Steve Jobs fell in, as he did not tell you the truth until it was too late, and now you are acquainted with that and in your complete health, yes, seek the money but make it just money, only, and work with the values ??, not in the article. This is the secret that Steve overlooked because of the values ?? are invaluable because they are not bought.



Remember Mother Teresa’s saying: “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family. ”



Linking any goal to a certain value gives you a lot of energy and strong motivation. Example: I want to become wealthy to make my family happy, cultivate love and offer assistance to all around me. Therefore, I am a flame of light in this beautiful world.

It is important to know this important rule first; we talked about “link your financial goal to a value”.


The Laws Of Financial Success






Desire: Anthony Robbins says: If you have the desire to succeed you have achieved half of your goal. And if you do not have this desire, you have fulfilled half of your failure.



Napoleon Hill mentioned the author of “Think and Grow Rich” book, where he held more than 500 meetings with a millionaire in his time, including “Thomas Edison” “Henry Ford” “Alexander Graham Bell” “Theodore Roosevelt” to find the recipe of success that the successful people share so that the ordinary person can also use it. Financial success Napoleon Hill found that all of these had an overwhelming desire.



As his book began by separating the burning desire, which is the beginning of any great achievement, the desire enables the person to reach his goal, because Thomas Edison had a burning desire to illuminate the world and despite his great failure he did not lose hope because he possessed a burning light in the latter the whole world.



Henry Ford also pursued the poor and uneducated towards his goal with a desire to invent a horse-drawn vehicle even though he believed in his goal and he achieved this, we are now enjoying the inventions of these great men who possessed a very strong desire.






Determine your financial goals: your financial goal must be specific, and this is very important because you cannot achieve something that is not specific, as the golden law in management science says:



“Anything that you cannot measure will not be able to manage, and for this, determine the exact number of your wealth that you desire You first know what you want and for the universe to know what you want.






Self-confidence: is the basis of all successes, if you do not trust in yourself that you can do it, the person who is skeptical of himself will not achieve any major achievement, ”



Remember, if you do not believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.”



Anthony Robbins said: “Every successful person I’ve met has told me my life started when I started to trust myself.”
This is why you trust yourself and understand that failure is only a stage from which to learn, and I know that success often hides on the other side of failure.






Leadership and initiative: Here we can divide people into leaders and followers, and the followers rarely achieve success and do not succeed until they are free from dependency and take the path of leadership.






Imagination: Every success or invention is drawn as a preliminary plan from the very beginning in imagination. Imagination is a fundamental principle for all accomplishments.



So imagine what your financial condition will be like in the future, and remember the saying of Genius Einstein, who said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”






Savings: The goal of saving is to acquire the habit of saving, avoiding excess expenses and getting used to controlling money.



This is important for the dear and makes the difference between rich and poor as illustrated by Robert Kiyosaki in his beautiful book The Rich Father and the Poor Father, where he explained that the difference between the rich and the poor Each one of them dealt with money.



The poor deals with money according to his excessive desire, the poor deals with money in only two aspects. The first is Income and Expenses. Income is any income that enters you monthly or annually.



As for expenses, it is anything that draws money from you, and here the absence of the poor two important concepts They are Assets.



Assets are anything that returns to you in the sense that you work for you, such as real estate or like a project. it returns you with profits but you do not tire too much to get them, here the money becomes working for you, unlike the poor who works for money.



The second concept is the requirements (liabilities) requirements are any As long as it is with you, it drains your money like a car, as it needs fuel and maintenance from time to time and spare parts.


There are other laws of financial success, that you should know it.



Financial Success Definition



after we talked about the laws of financial success. Now we will talk about the definition of financial success.



Being rich or poor is due to your thoughts and beliefs about money. It’s a big difference between seeing money is a very difficult thing and you have to get tired to get it on the one hand. And among those who see money easy to get from another side.



You constitute your life and any idea you cultivate in your mind will reap its consequences and you must remember the following rule: thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions and actions lead to results.



Therefore, financial success in the original is the rich mind or rich thinking, which beliefs in the abundance and multiple opportunities that exist in this great universe.



If you think like a rich, this will lead to your abundance, but if you think about the mentality of scarcity and competition that requires the defeat of the other side to win. Doing this inevitably will make you in the category of the poor.



The rich mind leads to rich and poor mind leads to poverty.


That is why “real poverty is the poverty of the mind.” The poor mind fears risk and does not want to leave the comfort zone. This was expressed by the richest man in China, “Jack Ma“, owner of “Alibaba“, who has an estimated wealth of $ 39 billion.



He says: If you put cash and bananas in front of the monkeys



Monkeys will choose bananas because they don’t know



Money buys more bananas.!



And if I did the same thing with most people and their good between a project and a monthly salary in a certain job, the majority would choose the monthly job. Because they do not know that the projects bring in more money than the monthly salary and completely change life



One of the things that make people poor is that they have not learned to see the opportunities that come from projects. Because throughout their lives they learn on. Schools that work are always for the monthly job, and they know that instead of working for themselves they will work for others.



The monthly salary indeed prevents you from poverty, but it also prevents you from wealth.
They don’t want to get out of the comfort zone which is the job and say, “If you do what you do normally, you will get what you usually get.”



Mantra For Financial Success


There is a talisman for financial success I want to share with you because you are here you deserve it, this talisman may seem strange to you. But it must be applied.



The mantra says: To be a rich person you must commit to double your monthly salary or the wills that come with you.



The rule says: You must double your monthly salary at least twice every three years, for example. Now you transfer your monthly salary to $ 1,000, and you must multiply your property every five years, meaning I calculate how much your wealth is now.



Calculate the price of the house, car, and bank savings, and you will get a certain amount of this. The amount will seek to multiply it in the next five years and then double it in the next five years and so on.



Now make two main goals for you:


The first is to double your salary at least every three years. But you might say how?
Here you must know an important rule that you are renting according to your value, not according to your effort. Here is an example to understand well if I tell you who has a higher salary is the construction worker who works hard or the engineer who engineered the building !.



The answer is clear here that the engineering is the highest paid, although he is sitting in his office, comfortable and quiet, and his coffee in front of him and the conditioner near him, is the opposite of the factor that raises the neighbor and the construction tools.



Paul McKenna says in his book I Can Make You Rich: Money is one of the rewards you get for adding value to other people’s lives.



For this to increase your salary, increase your value, meaning that you increase your skill. You must ask yourself what should be done to develop yourself and increase your salary after work?



As for the second goal, it is to double the ownership every five years.
And you might say how too?
If you succeed in increasing your skill, your salary will inevitably increase either in the same institution or offer your old and new skill to another company ready to pay you the amount that equals your skills.



Meditation For Financial Success



  • Make sure you are in a quiet, county-free location
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Choose a comfortable position for you
  • Be sure to be relaxed
  • Allow yourself to imagine


Imagine that:



All the details of your life you want in the future, all the things you wish for you to imagine clearly. Then keep the last image of all the things you imagined. Repeat the exercise for 21 days.



Then I begin to repeat the following confirmations:



  • I am a magnet to attract money.
  • I love money and money loves me.
  • Ways and means of getting rich are increasing.
  • I am grateful to all the rich people in the world.
  • I add value to the lives of others and get the money easily.



NOTE:  It is very important to evoke feelings in this exercise.




If you applied this Meditation with the laws of financial success. that we talked about. it will help you a lot.




We are on the verge of reminding you that money is neither divine nor demonic, it is a form of energy that aims to make our lives enjoyable and enables us to live easily. Richard Branson, a billionaire, and businessman say: Money gives you the freedom to do what you want to do.



In the end, this article is an in-depth study, and a summary of a set of strategies for geniuses of financial success, which we developed as a summary and audited approach to help you, dear reader, achieve your financial success, and we are proud of your presence here.



In the end, we hope that you have exhausted this topic of the laws of financial success
Do not hold back your opinion on this matter, because your opinion is important for us to develop from our contents.

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